Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Is Your Real-Estate Specialty?

{3:12 minutes to read} When people need auto repair, they go to an auto mechanic who can probably fix whatever is wrong with their car. A successful vehicle repair person will specialize in foreign, luxury, sports, and/or racing vehicles. You will get the best service from the mechanic who specializes in the problem you have [Read More]

As a Real Estate Investor, Are You Up for the Challenge?

{4:12 minutes to read} In the past few articles, we have talked about how investors need to be aggressive, prepared, calculated risk takers, and hard workers who research, recognize, and work within their special niche. These investors are setting the stage to be successful. But even the most prepared and successful investors will have occasional [Read More]

What Is Your 80% Niche?

{2:54 minutes to read} If you want to be successful, it is important to remember the 80/20 rule; you make 80% of your money from 20% of your effort. Smart people try to learn what gives them the 80% and actually focus their energies on that area. That focus will often ensure success. I spoke [Read More]

If You Aren’t Ready, You Can Kiss the Deal Goodbye

{2:12 minutes to read} When you are ready to buy a property, make sure you are completely ready to buy the property. What do I mean by “completely ready?” I mean having everything in place to complete your deal. You may find a property you really like, but when it comes time to make your [Read More]

The Concept of Risk

{3:48 minutes to read} Today, we are talking about the concept of risk. Risk can be divided into 2 general concepts; one is gambling, and one is a calculated risk. The word gamble means “take risky action in the hope of a desired result.” It is like a higher level of risk. When you’re gambling, [Read More]

If You Snooze, You Lose

{3:54 minutes to read} When it comes to real estate, if you snooze, you lose. So what does that mean? Basically, everyone in the business is waiting for opportunity, and when the opportunity is right in your face, hesitating to try to figure things out can be the difference between a successful deal and an [Read More]

Being Successful in Real Estate

{4:00 minutes to read} There are 2 questions that people who are interested in real estate often ask me: What does it take to be successful in real estate? How long does it take to be successful in real estate? I’ve spoken about the first question in many previous articles. You have to be willing [Read More]

Like Nike Says, Just Do It!

{1:22 minutes to read} If there was ever a phrase that procrastinators hate, this would be it! What it takes to be successful in real estate or for the doers and movers and shakers to get things done is to just do it. Now a lot of people say, “You know what? I’m gonna do [Read More]

I’m Hiring Salespeople

{4:12 minutes to read} The real estate market is exploding. In Brooklyn, the median selling price is just above $675,000, which is 25% higher than the pre-recession median price in 2007. This is a great time for sellers who want to cash out or move up. And it’s a great time for buyers who want [Read More]

Are You a Person of Principle?

{3:00 minutes to read} Principle: Guiding sense of the requirements and obligations of right conduct (Dictionary.com) Whoever knows me or deals with me knows that I’m a straight talker. I will tell the truth, even though the truth sometime hurts and people don’t want to hear it. Unfortunately, for those who like to speak the [Read More]

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